Art in Renal Dialysis

The art rose in a positive purpose and absorbed those four hourly sessions … We were given back our sense of person. We were no longer just patients lying in beds.’ Johanna Tanner, former dialysis patient

Dialysis is a challenging time for patients that can involve travel from across the hospital’s catchment area three times a week to then spending three to four hours attached to a machine. Since 2006, WHAT has been working in partnership with the renal dialysis unit of UHW to bring a range of arts experiences to the bedside of patients in the unit with the aim of addressing tedium and converting downtime into creative time. Artists Boyer Phelan and Philip Cullen adopt a patient-centred approach to facilitating this programme which is funded by the Punchestown Kidney Research Association.

The Art in Renal Dialysis programme has produced a series of exhibitions and publications of work by patients. Publications include Captured Time (2009), Beyond Captured Time (2011),  All About Us (2012) and Unfolding Time (2013).