The Visual Time Traveller by Alison Hackett at University Hospital Waterford


The Visual Time Traveller is an intriguing exhibition created by Alison Hackett, in collaboration with Origin Design, on view at University Hospital Waterford and Garter Lane Arts Centre until 25 August.

The book encapsulates 500 years of history, art and science in 100 unique designs. Dissesctions 1560-65

A visual walk through history in five-year time jumps, the exhibition introduces a new way of learning and engaging with information.  Woven into each illustration are twelve facts drawn from across the spectrum of human endeavour, including explorations of works by creators as diverse as Leonardo da Vinci and James Joyce.  By breaking down traditional boundaries between the sciences and art, The Visual Time Traveller makes  it easier for people to digest complex streams of information and to find their own path of relevance to each historical period.

The exhibition is on view at University Hospital Waterford until Friday 25 August 2017.  The full exhibition is divided into two parts: Sixteen images at UHW and a further sixteen images are on view at Garter Lane Arts Centre until Saturday 26 August 2017.

The Visual Time Traveller book, a stunning extension of the exhibition, is available to purchase from the WHAT Centre for Arts & Health for €59.

See  for more information or contact Waterford Healing Arts Trust (WHAT) on 051 842664