The Point of Viewing: Stunning new exhibition by Darragh Lyons

Waterford Healing Arts Trust is pleased to present a stunning new solo exhibition by artist Darragh Lyons at University Hospital Waterford.  Entitled The Point of Viewing, this exciting show is full of colour, shapes, light and shade and has been attracting a great deal of positive attention from patients, visitors and staff.  Darragh Lyons will give a free public talk about this exhibition on Tuesday 10 October at 11am in the hospital foyer as part of Well Festival of Arts and Wellbeing.  All welcome.  The exhibition continues until 16 October.

Artist Darragh Lyons
Artist Darragh Lyons

The Point of Viewing features key strands of Darragh Lyons’ work: Show Your Colours explores the colourful and complex experience of living in a community; Elemental is a representation of close relationships; Letting it all in considers inner space, light and shadow.  The theme of home is constant throughout and can be particularly poignant when viewed from a hospital setting.  Darragh Lyons explains: “When visiting a hospital we are acutely aware of how much we would like either for our loved ones to be back home with us, or how we would like to be home ourselves. These paintings offer a set of different “points of viewing” of the house. The “House” motif can be read as a symbol for memories of childhood, a harbour of safety, the nature of the human mind and body and a distillation of all the human stories contained within”.

Darragh goes on to say that the show also explores the positivity of art in the hospital setting: “The Point of Viewing brings to mind the question of why it is beneficial to look at art at all, and particularly why art in the hospital setting is so useful.  It seems to me that art can provide a positive distraction, both in its creation and its viewing.  A painting may provide a momentary and unexpected relief from our thoughts and worries, we may see our favourite colours, an intriguing shape or maybe a visual metaphor that rings true for us”.

Darragh Lyons is an artist based in Waterford City.  A graduate of the School of Architecture at University College Dublin, Darragh’s work has been exhibited widely; he has featured in the Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition, and his work is part of the Waterford Municipal Collection and the University Hospital Waterford art collection.  Darragh is part of the 20ten artist collective in Waterford City, which runs a gallery and workspace on Lombard Street.  Darragh has experienced the positive work of Waterford Healing Arts Trust through his contact with, and care from, the staff of the Department of Psychiatry at UHW.

Waterford Healing Arts Trust (WHAT) is Ireland’s leading arts and health programme. Established in 1993, WHAT brings arts experiences to the bedsides of patients at University Hospital Waterford and other healthcare settings.  WHAT believes that the arts contribute to the wellbeing and vitality of society and that engaging with the arts stimulates the participant’s sense of identity and creativity.  WHAT supports the development of arts and health in Ireland and manages the national website