Strange Forms by Rory van Dokkum

We are very excited to present Strange Forms, an exhibition of artworks by WIT graduate Rory van Dokkum at UHW.
Rory van Dokkum is a freelance artist, writer and illustrator, recently graduated from Waterford Institute of Technology and currently working in Waterford City. Throughout his life he has been fascinated by the surreal and the fantastical, exploring a great many subjects in those areas and subsequently incorporating them into his work – whether it is the themes and narratives of mythology, the imagery found in dreams or the stranger side of the natural world. His artwork focuses primarily on twisting and reshaping the human form, creating figures with both familiar and utterly alien aspects.

In Rory’s words “Strange Forms is a series of images centred around combining the mundane human form with twisted, surreal aspects.  During the creation of each image, my aim was to examine such themes as external appearance versus internal nature, the reaction to seeing something with both familiar and alien aspects, and how the presence of the strange influences the normal”.

Strange Forms continues until 19 April.