Staff Art Wall: Stefanie Fleischer

A colourful exhibition of artworks celebrating the Seasons

We are delighted to present this beautiful collection by our Assistant Arts Administrator Stefanie Fleischer on the Staff Art Wall at UHW.

Stefanie has had a diverse career. A qualified meteorologist she has lived in various countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, but Waterford has been her home since 1992.  As a meteorologist, she is used to observing the weather in all seasons.  For this exhibition, she draws together her love of nature and wildlife, the open countryside and a love of visual art in its various forms.

While painting in watercolour would normally be her first choice, for this exhibition Stefanie has diversified into acrylics to add texture and emphasise her perceived colour of each season.  “I love each season for its unique light and colour and the atmosphere it conveys to our surroundings.  I’m also interested in how each season affects us individually, as well as all the creatures that share our world.  I hope my paintings might inspire people to observe nature around us in all its beauty.”

Stefanie’s favourite artists include Debbie Boon, Carmel Mooney – in particular the Volcano series – and the late Catherine Bouyx.

Seasons will be on view from 8 March until 3 May 2019.

The Staff Art Wall project is an initiative of Waterford Healing Arts Trust which aims to celebrate the creativity of HSE staff by providing an opportunity to display their work at the hospital. Further details are available from 051 842664.