Staff Art Wall: Caroline Lonergan Cavarretta

A Gentle Soul on view at UHW

A native of Clonmel, County Tipperary, Caroline Lonergan Cavarretta’s passion for travelling brought her to live and work in the UK, Belgium and Italy.  In 2010 she moved back to Ireland and settled in County Wexford with her husband Giuseppe.  They both started working at University Hospital Waterford soon afterwards, Caroline as a Clerical Admissions Assistant.

In more recent years Caroline discovered a passion for photography and taking photographs became a relaxing pastime.  She spent many hours taking photographs of birds, flowers, scenery and anything that would catch her eye.  She was also passionate about dogs and her dream was one day to run a dog sanctuary with her husband.

Sadly, Caroline passed away in February 2019 following a short illness.  She left a huge collection of photographs which is a beautiful testament to her love of nature.  We are very grateful to her family for sharing these with us all.