Staff Art Wall

Adrain Crellin presents a series of his photographic work as part of our Staff Art Wall.

“HOME THOUGHTS FROM ABROAD”  is a collection of photographs from the Isle Of Man.  Adrian explains: “Born and raised on the Isle of Man,  Home Thoughts from Abroad is a snapshot of places or landscapes that would have been favourites of mine growing up. The Isle of Man has a very diverse landscape and beautiful glens and beaches and a proud history of Viking invaders and myths and legends.

I currently work as the Clinical Nurse Manager in Oncology. I previously worked on the Island and in London.  I moved to Ireland in 1998.  My love of photography stems back to family holidays as a child and how photos tell a story without any words.  I enjoy seeing something and being able to capture it in a particular moment that cannot be repeated”.

Adrian’s work will be on display from 2nd June to 4th August at University Hospital Waterford.

Adrian Crellin