New Staff Art Wall Exhib

Colour & Light by Laura Grimes

Laura Grimes is based in the Pathology Department in UHW.  Colour and Light is her third exhibition on the Staff Art Wall.

A painter for almost 20 years, Laura recently graduated with First Class Honours from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, and she has been awarded the artistic merit scholarship to continue her studies in painting at the Royal Hibernian Academy from September 2021.  Laura has exhibited nationally over a number of years and currently has an artwork in Pluid – The National Comfort Blanket on show at Farmleigh Estate, Phoenix Park until 5 September 2021.   She is also soon to embark on a collaborative project to be shown in Joshua Tree, California in 2022.

The work exhibited is a selection of paintings based on photographs from my trips to the Mojave Desert in the western United States.  For me, the Mojave is like my spiritual homeland.  Much of the desert remains untouched and so Mother Nature is still very much in charge.  I am drawn to the vast, sparsely populated, often abandoned spaces, and I remain fascinated by the way in which the colours and textures of the land and sky interact and change, depending on the light and temperature at different times of the day and the year.  My time in the desert has not only changed much about me as a person, but has also converted me from figurative/portrait artist to a landscape one – something I had never expected to be. 

This collection of paintings is dedicated to my Mother, Una, my Guide in all things colour and light, who passed away in June 2020.’