Meet the Artist…

Lorna Donlon!

Lorna Donlon, at the Launch of ‘STEP’ at UHW.

Lorna Donlon is a tapestry weaver and textile artist. In 2020 she graduated with a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from the UCD School of Biology & Environmental Science and became the 2020/21 UCD Conway Institute Artist-in-Residence, in partnership with UCD Parity Studios and through funding from the Wellcome Trust. Lorna has also worked in a palliative care setting as a healthcare assistant.

Lorna loves trees, gardens and nature and often has an interesting leaf, flower, or ‘curious-oddity-for-further-inspection’ in her pocket. This love of curious oddities takes shape in her latest exhibition, ‘STEP Through the Looking Glass’ at University Hospital Waterford, which explores the stories behind a collection of objects from researchers at the UCD Conway Institute. As Lorna sees it, ‘I am a self-confessed magpie, collecting, ordering, assembling and exhibiting objects or bits and pieces of things I find as I go about my day. Transient, incidental, valued or treasured, I am interested in the stories these objects tell and in how they act on the imagination when placed in curious arrangement with each other.’

‘STEP’ Exhibition Launch at UHW.

In 2021, Lorna won the Golden Fleece Award, Ireland’s largest artistic fund supporting artists and creative practitioners working across all visual art, craft and applied arts disciplines. This award supported her efforts to start making large scale hand woven tapestries inspired by stories of scientific research and the natural world.

Lorna’s exhibition ‘STEP through the Looking Glass: Stories Told of Experimental Processes’ is on show at University Hospital Waterford until 25 November 2022.

To view the exhibition online go to:

With thanks to Arts Council Ireland and the HSE.

Photos by Tom Quilty taken at the launch event for the exhibition on 13 October 2022.