Checking In 2021

Arts + Health community gathers online for reflection & renewal has announced details of Checking In 2021, which takes place on Tuesday 30 November at 11am.  Checking In is a spin-off event of the annual Arts and Health: Check Up Check In and brings the arts and health community in Ireland together to reflect, to share practice and experiences, and to look forward in the particular context of the COVID-19 era.  Open to healthcare professionals, arts practitioners and anyone interested in learning more about the exciting field of arts and health, Checking In is free but ‘ticketed’.  Further information and booking details from is managed by Waterford Healing Arts Trust and funded by the Arts Council and the HSE.

Checking In 2021 will feature performances by Justin Grounds, composer and violinist with Arts for Health West Cork, and leading examples of new arts and health practice for the current pandemic era, including:
Tune In with The Happiness Ensemble, with Aoise Tutty Jackson
Adventures in Storytelling, with Joe Brennan
A Bird at My Window, with Manuela Corbari and Sarah Fuller
The Man in the Middle, with Dr Paul Hartel

Presentations will be followed by A Sensual Life, a workshop for all attendees, where writer and dance artist Lani O’Hanlon will encourage participants to cherish their imagination, sensuality and playfulness through creative writing.

Announcing details of Checking In 2021, Claire Meaney, Director of Waterford Healing Arts Trust, which manages said “Our arts and health community in Ireland is made up of extraordinary people.  The past 18 months have been so tough for everyone, but our community has demonstrated great depths of resourcefulness, passion and commitment in continuing to support people who are unwell – and their healthcare staff – in new and creative ways.  We are thrilled to present some beautiful examples of projects which have taken place within the constraints of the pandemic and hope that this will inspire attendees in their practice.  We also feel, especially coming to the end of the year, it’s time for a little self-care, so we are really pleased to offer some time out for everyone in the wonderful hands of Lani O’Hanlon through her A Sensual Life workshop.  For this hour, Lani tells us, ‘participants will slow down, rest and come more fully into the body, accepting where and how we are in the moment as part of life and our creative practice and process. Then in a relaxed and easy way we will write through the senses, evoking the simplicity, mystery and magic of a child with crayons.’  Doesn’t that sound good?”

Arts and health programmes comprise a range of arts experiences, presented in healthcare settings, for the benefit of health service users, healthcare staff and artists.  This expanding field of work fosters creativity, wellbeing and access to the arts and is based on partnership between the artists, arts organisations and those working in healthcare and/or the wider community.   Further information about all aspects of arts and health work, including case studies, is available on