Checking In

Online arts and health showcase a huge success 

Checking In, the first large scale online gathering of the arts and health community in Ireland, presented by Healing Arts Trust on 23 April, was a resounding success.  134 artists and healthcare professionals from all over the world joined us to hear about some inspiring examples of new ways of working devised by arts and health practitioners since the introduction of Covid 19-related restrictions.

The event was introduced by Claire Meaney, Director of Waterford Healing Arts Trust, and was followed by inspirational performances and presentations, including:

Good Times, performed by Jane O’Brien Moran – This song was created by attendees of the Activation Therapy Unit at St Otteran’s Hospital, Waterford, as part of the Iontas Arts and Mental Health Programme, managed by Waterford Healing Arts Trust, in partnership with Waterford/Wexford Mental Health Services.  See:

The Museum of Song Postal Project, with Tess Leak and Sharon Whooley, which is part of the Arts for Health Partnership Programme, West Cork.  See:

Art4All and Sing with Me, with Alison Baker Kerrigan, Arts Officer at Tallaght University Hospital. ‘Sing With Me’, with Clara Monahan, is an initiative for patients and staff. See and scroll down to ‘Tallaght University Hospital TV’.

The World of Scribes, with Eszter Nemethi, which is an initiative of Helium Arts.  More info here:

Creative Writing for Staff Health and Wellbeing, with writer and movement artist Lani O’Hanlon, who also shared a beautiful poem reflecting on her experience of working in this new sphere.

The event concluded with a beautiful performance of Dona Nobis Pacem by cellist and musician in health Grainne Hope.

The response of attendees has been resoundingly positive, with many people commenting on how inspiring and uplifting the event was for them.  Sample comments include:
“This has been so nourishing and helpful. Thank you so much for organising it.”
“Thank you this has been really inspiring hearing about practice in Ireland.  I will share this with our members in Wales”.
“Really valuable to learn about experiences and feel a little bit more skilled to work differently as current circumstances demand”.

“This was an excellent presentation. Informative and inspiring. We hope that you can do more of these so we can stay connected.”
“Lovely to hear about all the amazing work being made.  Fantastic to be able to connect like this so thank you for making it happen.”
“Great event, most inspiring hour, well done to all the projects and to all in ArtsandHealth.”
“Excellent, useful and thoughtful event”
“This is a wonderful event and so needed at this time. Thanks for organising! Brilliant to see all these amazing projects.”

Additional Info:
Further examples of new work practices created for the current climate can be found in the ‘Art Responds’ section on here:

Arts + Health: Check Up Check In

A reminder that our annual national event Arts + Health: Check Up Check In has been postponed to 23 November.  Further details and booking info here:

About Arts + Health:
Arts and health programmes comprise a range of arts experiences, presented in healthcare settings, for the benefit of health service users, healthcare staff and artists.  This expanding field of work fosters creativity, wellbeing and access to the arts and is based on partnership between the artists, arts organisations and those working in healthcare and/or the wider community.   Further information about all aspects of arts and health work, including case studies, is available on is managed by Waterford Healing Arts Trust and funded by the Arts Council and the HSE.