Bloomin’ Brilliant Summer Art Camp

Our Bloomin’ Brilliant Summer Art Camp, led by Artist-in-Residence Ciara Harrison, was a great success.  Ciara tells us all about it…“We had a nature inspired week for our Bloomin’ Brilliant Summer Art Camp at WHAT.  The weather was (mostly) on our side so, taking advantage of this and, inspired by the land artist Andy Goldsworthy, we used wild flowers to create art pieces on the grass of UHW.  We also collected branches and wove different coloured threads, wools and beads on to them creating our own unique sculptures. WHAT-summer-camp-2017-1

We learned about colour mixing when tie-dyeing our very own t-shirts.  We designed these using elastic bands and different coloured dyes.  Each one came out unique and we designed them further with embroidery and fabric markers, stitching and drawing our names and shapes on to the fabric.

We also experimented with mono-printing, working to a very large scale.  We worked in teams and came up with the pictures together. These came out very well and are full of colour and patterns.

To round off our week, we invited our parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters to join us for an exhibition of our work.  We provided tea, coffee, juice and biscuits and displayed all the work we made during the week.  It was a great celebration to end a “bloomin’ brilliant” week!”

Ciara Harrison
28 July 2017