The staff and board of directors of the Waterford Healing Arts Trust are working towards full compliance with the Charities Regulatory Authority’s Charities Governance Code and are on the journey to compliance with the Governance Code, a code of practice for good governance of community, voluntary and charitable organisations in Ireland. We are also committed to comply with the principles of good fundraising. Click here to view our constitution.

Legal and Charitable Status
Waterford Healing Arts Trust is a registered charity: CHY 13173. As a registered charity, Waterford Healing Arts Trust is exempt from Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Deposit Interest Retention Tax under Section 207, Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 and from Corporation Tax for certain trading activities under the same section. Waterford Healing Arts Trust is authorised by the Revenue Commissioners to operate the Donation Scheme for tax exempted donations to Charitable Bodies (Section 848A, Tax Consolidation Act, 1997).

Waterford Healing Arts Trust is registered as a charity with the Charities Regulatory Authority (Reg. No: 20040284). By virtue of the Charities Act, 2009, the directors of the company are deemed to also be charity trustees.

Financial Statements
Waterford Healing Arts Trust prepares financial statements in accordance with FRS102 “The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and the Republic of Ireland”, applying Section 1A of that Standard, issued by the Financial Reporting Council.

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Annual Report 2017 inc Financial Statements
Annual Report 2016 inc Financial Statements

Staff and Management
Waterford Healing Arts Trust has 2 direct employees, 1 part-time HSE administrator and 5 Community Employment Scheme participants. Click here for more information on our team.

Director | WTE 0.9 | Band E Pro rata
Assistant Director | WTE 1 | Band D

Salary Bands:
A: <10,000 per annum
B. 10,000 – 19,999 per annum
C. 20,000 – 29,999 per annum
D. 30,000 – 39,999 per annum
E. 40,000 – 49,999 per annum
F. 50,000 – 59,999 per annum
G. 60,000 – 69,999 per annum

Board Members

Catherine Drea (Chairperson) is a visual artist, a contemplative photographer and a writer.  A graduate of NCAD and UCC, Catherine has a Masters in Social Entrepreneurship and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy.  She was a lecturer in the Art Department of WIT until 1992, when she co-founded the non-profit training and development organisation Framework, building ethical leadership and practice in Ireland.  A committed feminist, Catherine is a lifelong advocate on equality issues and a nature lover. Date appointed: 2.5.17

Aidan Barrett (Treasurer) is a native of Cork. He joined AIB Bank in 1973 with his first posting in Waterford, followed by moves to Cork, Dungarvan and Clonmel and back to Waterford in 1987 serving in The Quay, O’Connell Street, Ardkeen and finally in the Commercial Centre, Michael Street. Aidan availed of early retirement from AIB in 2012 after over 39 years of service, 25 of which were as manager. He is a former member of both The Institute of Bankers and Waterford Chamber of Commerce. Aidan is a current member (and Past President) of Waterford Lions Club. He is Treasurer of Conradh na Gaeilge Phort Láirge and partakes in two Ciorcail Comhrá (conversational groups as Gaeilge) weekly. He is a current member of the Board of Management of Gaelscoil Phort Láirge. Date appointed: 27.01.14

Mary Baxter (President – non voting) worked at the Mater Hospital, Dublin, SRN, and Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, SCM. She was a Lecturer at Fourah Bay University, Sierra Leone, in Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene, and later in Kenema, Sierra Leone Province, where she lectured graduate students in primary healthcare. She has carried out voluntary health work in the expatriate communities of Baqubah, Iraq and in Khairpur, Pakistan.  She is a founder member and Chairperson of Friends of Ardkeen (now known as University Hospital Waterford).  She is also a founder member of WHAT where she has served as both Chairperson and Treasurer of WHAT.

Mark Breen is a native of Waterford.  He has been in the property investment business for the last 30 years.  Mark is very active in the community and has been a member of Waterford Rotary for 20 years.  He joined the Board of Waterford Healing Arts Trust in 2017 and is looking forward to contributing to the work of the organisation. Date appointed: 2.5.17

Tom Cunningham is a founding Director of GNKA Consulting Ltd., a Construction Cost Consultancy and Project Management Company. A former Mayor of Waterford and also Chair of WHAT and Garter Lane Arts Centre, Tom currently serves on the WHAT Governance sub-committee. Date appointed: 2.5.17

Joan Dalton has a BA in Art History/Anthropology and has worked as an Arts Manager and Producer for over 30 years in the US, UK and Ireland. Her work has included projects across many disciplines including photography, film, visual art, sculpture, theatre, textile design, music, literature and architecture. Recent large scale projects include The Invader –  a new Irish opera, and numerous theatre productions. Date appointed: 12.04.16

Dr Carmel Ann Daly is a Consultant Radiologist working in University Hospital Waterford. Having always been interested in the visual arts and appreciative of WHAT’s work in UHW, she became involved with WHAT through the All Wrapped Up project of 2012 which engaged breast cancer patients. She paints in watercolours in her spare time. Date appointed: 27.01.14

Shirley O’Shea is a native of Waterford and was educated at Sacred Heart of Mary Convent, Ferrybank, and WIT. Shirley has always been very active in the Waterford community and has been involved with many community organisations over the years, most recently with CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young).  Shirley joined the Board of Waterford Healing Arts Trust in 2015 and is currently Chairperson of the organisation’s Fundraising Committee. Date appointed: 6.2.17

Claire Tully, MSc BSc Dip HCM RGN, is currently the Director of Nursing in University Hospital Waterford. She trained at the Whittington Hospital in North London and worked for many years in the Royal Brompton Hospital. Her clinical years were spent as a surgical nurse working in cardiothoracic surgical units. After working in London for 14 years, she moved to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff where she spent five years. Claire returned to Ireland in 2004 and worked in the Mater Hospital in Dublin for a year. She has been working in University Hospital Waterford for the past nine years. She is the co-author of a book chapter on ‘Thoracic Nursing’. She has a keen interest in the outdoor life and loves to travel. Date appointed: 12.03.12 – HSE Rep.

Anne Woodworth is a professional singer and was a lecturer in Music at WIT for 25 years. She was Founder/ Director of WIT Music School and currently teaches at the Royal Irish Academy of Music. She is Director of Bealtaine Choir (which is particularly for non-singers and emphasises the value of music in the health of older people). Anne has been an advisor to WHAT musicians and represented WHAT at the Musique et Sante conference, Paris, in 2005. In 2012, she was shortlisted for a Volunteer of the Year Award for 20 years of service, including three as Director of Samaritans Waterford. She is presently Outreach Officer for Samaritans Ireland. Date appointed: 02.02.15.

The team
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